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I bought one for myself a few months ago and I am very happy about it. Now I bought another one for my sister. We both have type 4b hair and the straightner makes our hair bone straight. I love it and totally recommend.

Did I say I love it, yes I do!! Shipping took a while, but as soon as it came I try it and I did my hair in less than 30 minutes!! Is awesome!!

I have very curly hair and it usually takes almost 2 hours to do my hair with a ceramic flat iron. I just received it today and put it to use immediately. I did my entire job in just 30 minutes. i can't express
How happy I am with my brushes.

I’m totally in love with this straightener Ring. I have type 4 hair and after using the my hair was straight and silky

Honestly prior to ordering I was skeptical 😬 I was hoping 🤞🏽I wouldn’t have to return it but once i used it I loved it .😍 Quick and efficient from curly to straight puffy to straight literally in seconds ! This is only one pass through for photos . Most definitely gets your roots I was just getting a little hot 😂 Highest temp is best because that what we all want it gave me some silk and shine and straight ends immediately . No smoke/burning smell at all. Great buy !

Deep Exfoliation Glove
Roberta A. Forbes

I love using this over my tattoos on my back, legs and arms. The exfoliation leaves my skin looking better and my ink looks great too!

Honestly, I thought this was not gonna work which sounds cliche but cross my heart this WORKS. I have NEVER seen SO MUCH DEAD SKIN that came off of my skin which I'm honestly embarrassed of but this is a review. I will DEFINITELY be buying more for my family and friends. Highly HIGHLY recommend. (Shipping does take a long long time but was so worth it)

This requires some time to soak but is very effective. One of several tools in the fight against ashiness!

V34 Colour Corrector Serum
Tina Owens-Tomlin

It's very easy to use and perfect for after you brush your teeth to give that extra brightening effect

Seriously couldn't be happier with the results of this product

Dont waste your money on fakes, this is worth the money

I noticed a difference after the first treatment but after a few treatments absolutely amazing results . I can recommend V34 enough and they are so easy to use.

I am a daytime 2-3 hour user. I wish i could sleep all night with these little gems but i roll around too much. They do help soften lines. I am hoping with longer use, that they retrain my face a bit. Easy to wash too with the solution

Great eye pads—comfortable and easy to use. Only used once but already see benefits

Eye Wrinkle Patches
Pembra Bergstrom

A little short for my eye area but it worked well for puffiness and fine lines

I was skeptical about trying these eye patches but after trying so many different products and not seeing any results I decided ‘why not?’ I am so happy that I did!
They really help to reduce puffiness and smooth out wrinkles! I love waking up in the morning and seeing the results. I look so refreshed! If you thinking about trying them I would recommend that you do!

Great customer service and I am loving the product I will reorder!

I was unsure at first about using this product. I tend to break out easily from all sorts of skincare items, plus would it really work on my wrinkles? I am very happy to say that it did not cause any breakouts, and my lines are not as noticeable. I do recommend continually using though, as the results do seem to be best when used consistently

The results from these look fantastic

Forehead Wrinkle Patch
Always Reading

After just one night I noticed a difference, by the second night an even bigger difference. These work great. They feel good on, are not uncomfortable to wear, and your skin looks and feels smoother the next morning.

Forehead Wrinkle Patch
Pembra Bergstrom

I have some really deep lines in my forehead and although they have not magically disappeared all the fine lines surrounding them have reduced and my skin looks and feels better!

I love the forehead patch! Makes my forehead nice and smooth and have fewer wrinkles. One patch seemed to last longer than the other but otherwise, great!!

SOS Lip Plump Serum
Maggie Walker

SOS Lip Plump Serum

SOS Lip Plump Serum
Frances Cruz

SOS Lip Plump Serum

SOS Lip Plump Serum
Sarita Figueroa

I love the product it works and it makes your lips look Fuller and beautiful